Enuma Elish

“When the Heavens above and the Earth beneath were without form, and the sweet waters of the primeval Abyss were mingled with the salt waters of the primordial Chaos, and there was no place of habitation, and there were no gods and no rule of law, then the waters gave birth…”

Author’s free transmogrification of the opening verses of the Babylonian Creation Epic of c.1800 BCE.

Exhibited in the Quarndon Millennium Art Exhibition in 2000.

A possible design for the cover of Cosmology and Religious Belief – the unpublished sequel to Philosophy and the New Physics. Some of the themes for this were sketched in my article ‘Did God have any choice in the creation of the world?’ in the special edition of the Cambridge Review to mark Stephen Hawking’s 50th birthday. (See Cambridge Review, Vol. 113, No. 2316, March 1992, pp.11-15.)