The Rediscovery of Lucy Hardcastle

A new monograph, written with the assistance of detailed research by professional genealogist Anne Powers, demonstrates the true identity of Lucy Hardcastle, establishes her place among the female Botanists of the early 19th century, and shows how she was able to set up a school to provide for her family in the wake of the failure of the business run by her ailing husband.

The new Appendix to the volume on Erasmus Darwin set in train a series of events which led to Derby Museum and Art Gallery obtaining a rare illustrated manuscript by her. This new monograph transcribes the text and reproduces the illustrations of what transpires to be an account of some of her original research, presented to her son-in-law Dr Francis Boott possibly to celebrate his graduation from Edinburgh and his setting up as a Physician practising in London. The ramifications of her direct and indirect influence turn out to be very significant,

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