Philosophy and the New Physics

Philosophy and the New Physics resized 250“A compact but remarkably rich excursion through the history of physics from Newtonian mechanics to quantum physics….Powers succeeds well in his expressed aim of filling a gap between technical presentations of science and philosophically naive popularisations.”  Outstanding Academic Books of 1983, Choice (USA)

“For anyone interested in the philosophical implications of modern physics this book is essential reading.”  New Scientist

“Powers is to be congratulated on encompassing such a wide range of issues in 172 pages and for making a highly technical subject accessible and stimulating to the non-specialist.” Radical Philosophy

Published in 1982 by Methuen, Philosophy and the New Physics quickly ran into a revised second edition in 1985, and was reprinted again by Routledge in 1991. It was translated into Japanese in 1990 and was updated for a Greek edition in 1995. It is now out of print in English but not in Greek!

Japanese Cover Phil & New Phys Resized 250Philosophy and the New Physics Greek edition resized 250“This book is written as simply as possible but it is not in any way a mere popularisation. It does not indulge in flights of phantasy nor does it attempt to cultivate uncritical admiration of scientific feats…the book does not seek to hide difficulties which require precision and depth of understanding but presents them in a way which aims to disperse the myths surrounding these human constructions….above all it seeks to sharpen the reader’s critical faculties.” Editor’s introduction to Greek translation