New Venture into Electronic Publishing

I have resisted the suggestion that I should normally make my Enlightenment mini-monographs available on Kindle, since I want to redirect people to the actual Shops at Derby Museum and Erasmus Darwin House in Lichfield. However I have decided to experiment with the electronic publication of something completely different.

My first Kindle publication is an expanded, and now lavishly illustrated, version of a piece I wrote for the Cambridge Review to mark Stephen Hawking’s 50th birthday. (He will be 75 next year !) Its whimsical title is taken from a remark by Einstein, viz. Did God have any Choice in the Creation of the World?  Look for it on AmazonI would be very interested to know what people make of it !


This venture has prompted me to prepare a similar electronic publication for the piece I began a result of giving a warm-up talk before Robert Lloyd Parry’s one-man performance of H.G. Wells The Time Machine at the Derby Guildhall in 2014. This volume will take a little time to complete, thanks to all the pictures I am having to create to try to make some complex ideas intuitively clear, but it will be a full-sized book entitled Time and Time Travel in Physics, Fiction and Philosophy.