The Philosopher Lecturing on the Orrery

Thanks to the good offices of Derby Museums and Art Gallery we were able to film there recently to create a video about The Philosopher Lecturing on the Orrery.

The museum is closed on a Monday so it was possible to get some shots that really show off the beautiful Joseph Wright Gallery where the Orrery painting hangs in pride of place.

You can view the video on Youtube.

Yet another book to do after the Alchymist lecture !

My lecture on Joseph Wright’s The Alchymist in search of the Philosopher’s Stone discovers Phosphorus, at Derby Museum and Art Gallery on 23rd November, generated sufficient interest for me to decide to write it up as yet another mini-monograph. I will get on with this while the iron is still hot so to speak.

However, this means that in addition to a Kindle book on Time and Time Travel in Physics, Fiction and Philosophy (which is three parts written), I now have four new Enlightenment Mini-Monographs on the go at once. The others are on Herbert Spencer, Thomas Hobbes, and Margaret Cavendish. The Herbert Spencer volume which I had hoped to get out before Christmas will clearly now not be finished until 2017.